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16.07.2020, 00:55

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RotE, size 144x144, playable races: Elven Alliance, Mountain Clans, Legions of the Damned, Undead Hordes

This maritime region is vital for the existence of your faction. It is rich in all kinds of resources and that is probably why it is also teemed with all kinds of pirates. Few survived scouts reported countless piratic troops, numerous traps and terrifying monsters. But all that, of course, does not matter, because in spite of everything these shores should be yours.



- Defend your own main port and seize that of your opponent.

- One of your convoys should safely get to your opponent main port.

- Your opponent leader should be defeated.

- The pirates' powerful ally should be destroyed.


Main map info

- play for any available faction - AI players will get essential preferences (no mode required).

- 266 events, most of them have probability below 100%, and not all of them you'll be able to activate - each time the play will be slightly different.

- the map has been tested for each faction starting with level 1 hero, difficulty - Very Hard, average completion time - 160 turns.

- the play is supposed to be hard.

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