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RotE, size 144x144, playable races: Empire, Mountain Clans, Legions of the Damned, Undead Hordes.


The Great council has met in the city Taniquetil: the Elven Queen, the Human's Emperor and the High Dwarven King. This Union of the Light will destroy the powers of Darkness, that is why the Undead and the Damned must kill the Rulers of humans, elves and dwarves.
RotE, size 96x96, playable races: Empire, Mountain Clans, Elven Alliance.


Once were the days, when he was a great warrior, but now he is just the undead beast, which can not rest in peace. Please, help him to find his last home for the safety of your own kingdom. (Also note, that his troops must not get to the sacred Dragon's Orb).
RotE, size 120x120, playable races: Elven Alliance, Mountain Clans, Legions of the Damned.


Magic University is the foundation of all magic powers of the Empire. It has been founded by the eldest imperial mages at the Empire origin in the center of a great lake. And now this University graduates mighty mages of all kinds. You must stop this or perish.
RotE, size 120x120, playable races: Empire, Elven Alliance.


The Hell comes to your realm. The Clan's Grey Order guards the secret pass across the mountains, which separate you from the death in damned flame. But this guard won't be eternal, and you must stop the hellish armies on your own.
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